Friday, April 10, 2009

Round trip: Biglerville, Pennsylvania's Historic Round Barn and Farm Market

The outhouse on the right is for employees only, just so you know.

Eight miles west of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on the great Lincoln Highway (Route 30) lies a wonderful bit of Americana, the Historic Round Barn and Farm Market. Here's a bit of history from their website:

"Only a handful of round barns survive today, and so few remain that they are considered an endangered species and are registered with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Most round barns were built between 1900 and 1920, primarily in the Northeast and then the Midwest. The Shakers, who built the first round barn, believed the circle to be the most perfect shape (the devil couldn't trap you in the corner). The Historic Round Barn, a spectacular structure, was built in 1914 by the Noah Sheely family."

It's on a beautiful and peaceful plot of Pennsylvania farmland... truly God's country. They've got fruits and vegetables in season and other retail items, many with an apple-theme. There's also a great funky painted old gas pump in front of the place. It's one of a series of painted pumps along the Lincoln Highway, once again proving the Lincoln Highway should be on every eccentric roadside attractions fan's list of places you must see before you die.

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Rick Kilby said...

okay I'll add it to the list.