Sunday, March 30, 2014

Appropriate liquor store marquee of the week

Not only does Liquor Oasis of Bradenton, Florida have a delightfully retro sign, they have a marquee that looks like they were taking dictation from one of their tipsier clientele. Foster Brooks could not have said it better (*BURP*).

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Long live decay: Scenes along Route 301 in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida


Route 301, running from Deleware to Florida,  is one of those old highways that has been around forever and used to be the main way of getting from point A to point B. Then along came the interstate, with its fast-moving uninterrupted lanes and easy-on, easy-off exit ramps. Old 301 is still around and has parts that are thriving quite well, thank you very much, but there are also good chunks of it that have seen better days, with its abandoned motels and dilapidated old signs of places once prosperous but now left to rot along the roadside. These are the stretches we like the most and we had a nice, but all too brief, drive along the part of it from South Carolina down to the Sunshine State. The dreary weather seem very apt. And rock on, Dr. Doug Stein...17,000 vasectomies is quite a record, no matter how you slice it.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A place in the sun

We've been a little behind on our posts lately but we have a good reason. Eccentric Roadside is moving its world headquarters from Rhode Island to Florida! Oh, the eccentric places we'll see, once we get settled. There will be new posts coming, so please be patient and see you later, alligator!

Do you Imagine men in beards

We got another one of those outlandishly translated robo-comments on our Giant Scorpion of Exeter, Rhode Island post from a while back. If John Lennon was going to write another verse of "I Am The Walrus", this passage from Angela Navejas of Cash For Junk Cars would have fit in nicely:

Nice Post! Do you know about a horse driven wagon being passed? Do you Imagine men in beards, and also suspender held black overalls? Wives with cloth hats, full dresses with dicky and youngsters dressed? You do understand people who keep advanced tenet for themselves in spite of contemporaneous society moving away from them.

Thank you for commenting, Angela. We'll have what you're having.