Friday, April 17, 2009

From Hollywood: Condoms for Jesus

I adore kitschy souvenirs, especially the relatively inexpensive ones. The most tasteless item I have yet to encounter was purchased in Hollywood, California (although I've seen this identical gem in Las Vegas, as well). A personalized keepsake is a gift that is both thoughtful and practical for friends and loved ones you want to remember while having a good time on vacation. Who doesn't like a souvenir-of-anywhere keychain with their name or, failing that, "Pretty Lady" or "Number One Dude" embossed on it? Taste-optional gift shops take this one step further with delightfully lowbrow fare. However, I was still taken aback with the personalized condom display at one of the finer tacky gift emporiums along Hollywood Boulevard. Hadn't seen that before. But wait...there's more! Upon checking the names available, there's Jack, Jeb, Jerry, Jesus, Jim. Wait...Jesus? Hollywood condoms custom fitted for Jesus? Holy smokes! Now, I know there are gentlemen out there named Jesus who mostly live south of the border, but it's still a head-turner to see that particular name on a package of prophylactics. Crimany!


Rick Kilby said...

This gives a whole new meaning to "What would Jesus do?"

Gunnar and Sherry said...

Ha! I'm still trying to picture Jesus in Hollywood. Maybe he'd look up Mel Gibson.