Thursday, September 26, 2013

This could be the start of something big

There's nothing like going out of your way on a road trip to see a depiction of something ordinary blown up to a huge proportion. Here are a few of our favorites (we've blogged about all of them so click on the captions to read all about 'em):

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Anonymous said...

Dear Essentric Roadside,

I'm writing to You on behalf of KOES Museum for Art in Public Spaces where we are currently putting together an exhibition with the two danish artists Randi and Katrine.
In association with the exhibition there will be printed a catalogue where some of the artists sources of inspiration will be shown amongst the artists works and some exhibition texts.

One of the artists main inspirations have been follies and in extension to this american roadside architecture.
I write to You because we would like to show The Big Duck, Flanders, New York as a source of inspiration to the artists, and I therefore want to ask you if You would have any interest in sharing your picture file of the duck with us?
You will of course be credited and we will send you an copy of the catalogue.
Here I would like to add that the catalogue is for non-commercial use.

Contact me at my email if this has your interest.

Looking forward to hear from You.
Best regards,
Sara Ravn
Exhibition assistant at KOES