Sunday, November 8, 2009

What, no blue ox?: Rocky Mount, North Carolina's Bunyan Muffler man

There's a Log Cabin Homes place in the northern North Carolina town of Rocky Mount that had the good taste to import a decommissioned Paul Bunyan muffler man from Illinois to be used as their mascot. He stands next to Old Glory on a 40-foot perch that can be seen by dazzled passersby off exit 145 off of I-95. Log Cabin President Tom Vesce says "The company has already been bombarded by Muffler Men aficionados for site visitations and picture taking alongside Paul Bunyan," which just proves the "Field of Dreams" adage, "If you build it (or in this case Bunyan it), they will come."


Unknown said...

Its funny how Paul Bunyan is responsible for any area that has had any sort of timber production in it. We have several of these in Maine, the most known being in Bangor infront of the Bangor Civic Center on Main Street. He's everywhere!

Gunnar and Sherry said...

I've heard about those awesome Maine Bunyans, Corey, but I've never been up to see them. I hope to make the sojurn some day!