Sunday, February 24, 2013

Running on empty: Some abandoned gas stations seen along the way

There's something beautiful and melancholy about a once-thriving gas station left to rot among the weeds, like so many bald tires, its pumps forever reflecting the prices of the day they died. That's oil, folks.


Steve said...

Hi there,
I was wondering if you could tell me where these photos were taken? I am doing film location scouting and looking for gas stations in PA/DE/MD/NJ area. Thanks!


Gunnar and Sherry said...

Hi Steve,
I'm not sure these places are still standing but here's what I remember and when I shot them:
Top three: Exeter, RI, route 102, 2012
Next three: Route 301, Southern Virginia, 2009
Next two: torn down East Greenwich, RI
Next one: Exeter, RI Route 3, 2010
Next one (Sunoco sign): Main St., East Greenwich, RI, 2010
Next three: Nebraska-Wyoming state line off Interstate 80 (this place was awesome!), 2011
Last four: Amarillo, Texas, 2002

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

HI there,

I am doing a location scout and looking for an abandoned gas station in NY or NJ. Would you happen to have any ideas?

Thank you so much. I really enjoy your blog