Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moose hysteria: Lenny, the Life-size Chocolate Moose of Scarborough, Maine

Two animals, the moose and the lobster, are beloved symbols of the great state of Maine. You can't drive down the highway very long without seeing a cheery "moose crossing" sign or "lobster on board" bumper sticker. Since 1997, one of the best and quirkiest tributes to the Maine moose has been grazing at the Len Libby candy store of Scarborough: a life-size moose made of milk chocolate. We love a good, groan-worthy pun and this 1,700-pound, 8-foot tall, 9-foot long one definitely passes the lit-moose test. You'll find decadent hand-crafted chocolate confections, ice cream and Maine souvenirs at Len Libby's, and they've got chocolate lobsters to keep the Libby lobster lobby happy. Lenny has company now, in the form of Libby, a 380-pound dark chocolate bear, and her dark chocolate cubs Cocoa and Chip, each weighing in at a svelte 80 pounds. Climate control is critical here, as Lenny and his pals require a temperature no higher than 70 degrees or else we've got a chocolate fondue the likes of which no man has ever seen. Not to visit this moosterpiece of eccentric roadsideabilia would be blasphemoose, and we are unanimoose in this decision.


Anonymous said...

We're going to Maine in May (that sounds like a song from a Bing Crosby movie). I will put this place on the list!

Amber Von Felts said...

How old is that chocolate? If I regular chocolate gets old it starts to turn white. I wonder how they stave off that transformation? I wonder if anyone has ever tried to take a chomp off of the moose!