Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beloved souvenir of the week: Miss Atomic Bomb poker chip from Las Vegas' Atomic Testing Museum

I did a post some time ago about the incredible Atomic Testing Museum of Las Vegas, Nevada, and it is a place that is not to be missed if you're a non-gambling eccentric roadside attraction fan. A prized memento of that stellar trip is the poker chip I purchased in their superior gift shop. Poker chips make great Vegas souvenirs because they're small, inexpensive and very Vegas-y, baby. But this isn't just any souvenir poker chip. Emblazoned on this fine keepsake is Miss Atomic Bomb. Back in 1957, a photo shoot was concocted to honor the atom bomb being tested in Vegas, and who better to do this than a pretty showgirl decked out in a cotton-ball mushroom cloud explosion swimsuit. But who was Miss Atom Bomb? A Mr. Robert Freidrichs of the National Nuclear Security Commission has been searching for Miss A.B. for some time and has compiled some impressive data. He's determined her to most likely be Lee Merlin, a 1950s Vegas model who, if she's still alive, would most likely be in her early seventies today. Check out this website,, for more of the explosive details. If anyone out there in Eccentric Roadsideland has seen her, or if you're tuning in now, Miss Merlin, drop us a line. You da bomb.


Rick Kilby said...

Lets hope there was no radioactivity left at the photo site.

Susan said...

I always wanted to go on that site and see for myself or lest meet the model itself.

Stacey said...

One of the locals asked me on my first-time visit (in 2008) if I could imagine living there. I said yes, of course, I could. Because I claim I can live anywhere for one year, even in such a remote place.