Friday, July 10, 2009

Aye carumba! Burritos As Big As Your Head in Chicago

"Can I take your order?"
"Yes, I'd like the burrito as big as my head, with the enchilada as big as my sternum, the chalupa as big as my patella, and a side of the chimichanga as big as my medulla oblongata."

Saw this place out the window of the Untouchables bus tour window in Chicago and had to snap a picture. I love the expression on the lady's face. Looks like the burrito as big as her head she just ate is doing a Mexican hat dance in her stomach right now.


6star said...

This is the trademark of the Midwestern Mexican restaurant chain La Bamba. (And yes, their burritos are huge.)

Gunnar and Sherry said...

Thanks for the 411, 6star. They should open one up in the northeast. We love food as big as our heads here, too!

jade said...

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