Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snow place like home for the holidays: Mr. Millenium of Southampton, New York

We're poaching on our road-blogging pal Fuzzy Galore's turf with this entry about a cheery character on Long Island. Mr. Millenium, a 20-foot global warming-proof snowman, was erected by the spelling-challenged Flying Monkey Productions, next to North Sea Auto Radiator on Sandy Hollow Road, in, one assumes, the year 2000 (the last two digits are missing from his plaque). An internet search yields very little information about him or Flying Monkey Productions, but he gives off a great vibe while tooling down the eccentric highway, especially in the non-winter months like May when were we there. We give extra points for the fact that he has that inevitable-dirty-snow-from-road-salt-after-the-pretty-white-snow-has-faded look about him. Which makes him snow big deal in our book.


roadsidewonders said...

Thumpety thump thump ...and all that jazz :)

Gunnar and Sherry said...

HA! He kind of reminds me of Pigpen's snowman on "A Charlie Brown Christmas".