Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I can see for miles and miles: Eccentric Roadside turns over 100,000

Like this blog, our car has also turned over 100,000. I wish cars still had those old-fashioned odometers where you see all the numbers rolling over. Digital odometers don't have the same drama.

Here's where we were when our car turned 100,000. A bit mundane for such a momentous occasion.

There was this bit of eccentricity at a nearby McDonald's, however.

We're a society that honors round numbers and so we must note the fact that the little hit-counting widget on the upper right side of this blog has turned over 100,000. Like a good used car, this number may not be completely accurate, though. It was added some time after we started this blog so we just kind of guessed at where we would be hitwise at that juncture. This counter also seems to be at odds with Google's blog stats feature, which thinks we get quite a few more hits. But we do like the fact that it looks like an old-fashioned dashboard odometer and it is an apt metaphor for a roadside travel blog.

We were outside Akron, Ohio on one of our long road trips in 2009 when our trusted vehicle, a Subaru Forester, itself turned over 100,000 miles. I recorded this momentous occasion and the rather mundane scenery that was present. How great it was to be on a trip at this time rather than picking up a prescription at Rite Aid or taking a load of garbage to the dump.

Thanks to everyone for giving this blog so many hits. You've provided us many, many smiles to the gallon.


Amber Von Felts said...

Congrats on your milestone! Cars do still have the old odometer counter...if you still have an old car! I have a '63 Dodge Dart wagon as my daily driver. I have no idea what the odometer reads, I'm sure it has flipped a few times before I had her. It only has so many digits! Cheers to lots more roadside adventures! (for us both, tee hee)

Gunnar and Sherry said...

A '63 Dodge Dart station wagon? Color me green with envy! I love old station wagons.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the next 100,000 :)