Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grave concerns: Tombstone, Arizona's Boot Hill Graveyard

The locals like to call Tombstone, Arizona "the town too tough to die," but if you do die, you'll want to park your carcass at Boot Hill Graveyard, famously known as the final resting grounds of Billy Clanton and the McLaurys of OK Corral shootout fame. Boot Hill is also famous for a couple of grave markers that feature a bit of gallows humor. Remind me when my time comes to request a rhyming headstone. There's also a good tacky gift shop by the graveyard parking lot, with a funky old Packard hearse parked out in front. On it are painted more deathly witticisms. Should the eccentric roadside attraction fan pay a visit? Of corpse.


Anonymous said...

Of Corpse :) LOL

Tom Hoffman said...

When I was a kid, I used to love tacky gift shops like that. I collected pennants, postcards and cedar knicknacks. My dad used to hate to stop at these places for me.

Gunnar and Sherry said...

Thanks, Wendy!

Tom: Me too. My parents had relatively good taste so stopping at those gift shops was a major concession!