Monday, March 29, 2010

Googie wonderland: Fontana, California's Butterfly Car Dealership

While we're still in this Route 66 Rialto-Fontana, California neck of the woods, I would be remiss if I didn't include another awesome eccentric road sight right nearby. I'm no authority on Googie architecture, but I do believe the above structure is called a butterfly. And a beautiful butterfly at that, with a deep neon "V" cleaving the front of the place right down the middle. If you're above a certain height, I imagine you have to tilt your head to one side if you're standing in the center of the room. How appropriate, too, that this is a car dealership as cars, California and Googie go together like butterflies, butterfly nets and something else having to do with butterflies.


Anonymous said...

There is a similar structure near me ... I'll have to snag a pic soon.(and it's a car dealership too)

Anonymous said...

This is interesting to me because I grew up near a car dealership that had a curved roof of this type. Jetsons-era dealership architecture, when space travel was still new and a symbol of progress.