Saturday, December 26, 2009

Michi-gigantic: Big things along Northern Michigan's Route 2

This is actually in nearby Wisconsin, but we're going for a theme here so work with me.

Michigan's Route 2 is a pretty road that ambles through the northern part of the state and eventually hugs the coast of Lake Michigan in the beautiful area known as the Upper Peninsula. Along the way, you'll pass by some big eccentric roadside attractions begging you to get off the highway and give each place a look-see. The Corkscrew Liquor Store is actually just over the state line in Dickeyville, Wisconsin, but our judges are going to allow its inclusion here because, come on, it's a great big corkscrew. Big Powderhorn Mountain of Bessemer, Michigan, boasts it is the skiing capital of the midwest, and they've got the sign to prove it: a 20-foot goggled skibum. Just east of the small town of Iron Mountain is home to Big John, mascot of the Iron Mountain Iron Mine, where, according to their website, you can take a tour "with skilled guides through 2600 feet of underground drifts and tunnels to 400 feet below the earth's surface to see the reality of iron mining." In the nearby town of Vulcan is a large concrete bear next to a picnic table. I believe this was in front of a campground, possibly the Kenkae Travel Park & Store of Vulcan, Michigan (correct me if I'm wrong on this, Michiganians). Norway, Michigan greets passersby with a Viking longboat, a symbol of the town's Scandinavian namesake. And there is a Big Boy restaurant in Manistique that sports not only the usual burger bearing mascot, but a checkered overall-wearing moose as well. Keep those big eccentrics coming, Michigan!


Rick Kilby said...

My dad has been bugging me to visit Northern Michigan for years. Now that you have given me reason to go, I have no excuses left!

Gunnar and Sherry said...

Rick: You should go! You should go!

Anonymous said...

Dickeyville, Wisconsin is in the southern part of the state, nowhere near 'da Yoo P'