Thursday, February 7, 2013

No more calls, we have a wiener: The Wienermobile makes a stop in Seekonk, Massachusetts

 What's that off in the distance? Could it be...

 It is!

They give out free postcards that you can send to envious loved-ones, and mail right there on the spot, postage paid!

Allow me to be frank: I relish the Wienermobile. Okay, now that we've got the pun formalities out of the way, here's the skinny (sorry, I can't help it): the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile made an appearance in Seekonk, Massachusetts last Saturday as part of its Price Rite grocery store tour through Rhode Island and Massachusetts. It's not every day you see one of the true icons of eccentric mimetic roadside vehicles parked among the Corollas and Accords of suburbia, but there it was, all red and yellow and bulbous, with its gull-wing door wide open inviting all to take a peek at the plush wiener interior. Some of Oscar's dedicated wiener recruits, known as Hotdoggers, were there braving the 20-degree winds to offer photo ops, free whistles and your own copy of the sheet music for both the Wiener Jingle ("Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener") and the Bologna Song ("My bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R"). It's not the first time we've seen the W-M in the, er, flesh (check out this post) but it still boggles and amazes, and is a real crowd pleaser, with its smiling front and chassis reminiscent of the Monkeemobile. Two suggestions for the Oscar Meyer marketers: 1. a dachshund, in a hot dog costume and perhaps named Little Oscar to serve as a canine mascot, because who wouldn't love that, and, 2. an actual wiener-shaped hot dog cart, selling, you know, hot dogs. If you put these ideas in action, I'd take that as a supreme condiment.

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roadsidewonders said...

One of my very favorite "wonders"! I think that they need a traveing Wiener-Cycle too. If you're listening, Oscar Mayer, I'm willing to do it for a modest 6-figure salary :)