Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pest wishes for the holidays

You know it's Christmastime in Rhode Island when the company formerly known as New England Pest Control (they're now called Big Blue Bug Solutions) lights up their giant blue termite on I-95 in Providence, and that's just what happened last night. He's known as Nibbles Woodaway, and he's festively decorated as a sort of red-nosed reindeer termite mutant, which would have fit nicely into a holiday sequel to the 1950s sci-fi classic "Them". Here's a mediocre video I shot of him a couple of years ago (he looks about the same this year). God bless us, every one.


roadsidewonders said...

Good on them ... he looks fantastic! :)

Mod Betty / said...

Lord I hope you were the passenger!

Happy TXG to you Gunnar, we'll catch up with you in the small state soon!

gregory urbano said...

very cool , and great name for him too!