Monday, November 5, 2012

Hail to the chiefs: Some Presidential artifacts seen along the way

In case you hadn't heard, there's an election going on in this great land of ours, which reminds us of some of the fun, offbeat presidential sites we've seen out on the eccentric highway. Which of these is the winner? Key precincts have not yet reported so it's neck and neck, the race is too close to call and it's still anybody's horse race.

 George Washington's outhouse, Mount Vernon

 Chester A. Arthur's muttonchops

 George H.W. Bush takes a stand

 The handicap-accessible Roosevelt Theater, Hyde Park, New York

Stardusters' saxophonist Bill Clinton

 Creepy Abraham Lincoln souvenirs, Springfield, Illinois

 "Third-rate non-entity" Rutherford B. Hayes

 The late, great Presidents Park of Williamsburg, Virginia (closed in 2010)

 A hilarious Gerald Ford imitation in front of Air Force One at Presidents Park

 Herbert Hoover's boyhood outhouse, West Branch, Iowa

We happened to be in Canton, Ohio on the 100th anniversary of assassinated president William McKinley's funeral. As far as presidential funereal reenactments go, it was one of the best.

 We had a great time visiting Clare McLean's Presidential Pet Museum. At the time, she was located in Annapolis, Maryland, and now plans are underway to move the museum to Glen Allen, Virginia. 
She's showing us her portrait of Amy Carter with her dog Grits.

This is the most requested photo from the National Archives in Washington. For once Richard Nixon wasn't the oddest guy in the room.

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