Friday, February 20, 2009

Death Valley's Devil's Golf Course: Fore!

Death Valley is a beautifully eccentric place. Especially worth noting is the section called The Devil's Golf Course, if for nothing else, its goofy name. Who, exactly, does the devil play and what's his handicap? Is there are a Devil's Clubhouse? Does the devil wear really loud plaid pants and drive a Buick? Is there a Devil's Mini Golf Course for all the little Satans? As you may have gathered by now, the Devil's Golf Course is not an actual golf course, but a salt pan formed of large salt crystals with a surface only the devil could play golf on, or so the story goes. It's located in Death Valley National Park. Oddly enough, there is a real, honest to goodness golf course elsewhere in Death Valley in the Furnace Creek area, so don't be confused.

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