Friday, June 1, 2012

A hole-y holiday: Happy National Donut Day

We love a "holiday" devoted to something eccentric and we made it through half the day before we realized it was National Donut Day. This brings back fond memories of our 2004 trip to Los Angeles which included an excursion to the world-famous Randy's Donuts. Here's a rerun of what we had to say about it in a previous post:

Time for one of the eccentric roadside all-time greats. Randy's Donuts is not far from the LAX airport in Inglewood, California, and started out as part of the Big Donut chain of 10 donut drive-ins in 1953 (four of the buildings remain today under different names). "It's a classic example of mid-century programmic architecture, where the shape of the building represents the product sold within," says the Los Angeles Conservancy, and they ought to know. It's been featured in the movies "Mars Attacks" and "Earthgirls are Easy" as well as Randy Newman's "I Love L.A." video (at 3:13 in the video to be precise). The Simpsons have also paid loving homage to Randy's. There's something about an eatery with a 32-foot steel and gunnite orange deep-fried pastry on top of it that makes you feel like like is worth living: Your eyes glaze over. Things that were frosting you before somehow donut seem to matter. You realize this tower of powder is a horse of a different cruller sprinkled with love. And that's the hole truth, I eclair, so help me carb.


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