Monday, July 5, 2010

Orange you glad? Happy citrus signage along Highway 19 in Florida

On my way from Sarasota to the Tampa airport recently, I took a nice long ride along the old road, Highway 19. Shortly before the approach for the incredible Sunshine Skyway bridge is a bit of homespun roadside whimsy in the form of happy orange faces and a bow-tied orange man, set out to promote The Citrus Place, a roadside fruit emporium in Terra Ceia. It being a Sunday the place was closed, but I did stop to get some shots of the wonderful folk art smiling at all who pass by. Places like these are wonderful and remind you of a long-ago era before electronic billboards and hi-def display screens screamed at you. An orange garbage can lid with a smiley face and a cylindrically happy citrus guy suits me just fine. The fruit of the artist's labor is greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

This really was a find! I particularly like the second-to-last picture, for its angle.

A person could get whiplash swiveling his head to catch all of Florida's "attractions."

Gunnar and Sherry said...

I agree...Florida is a goldmine of great old roadside places. I'd love to do a month-long driving trip some year, but a month probably wouldn't be enough time to see all that Florida's got! By the way, I think I may have called you Suzanne by mistake a few times...sorry 'bout that.

Gunnar and Sherry said...
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