Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shanks for the memories: Hilltop Steakhouse of Saugus, Massachusetts headed for the last round-up

It is with great sadness that we report that the Hilltop Steakhouse of Saugus, Massachusetts, a 52-year-old mainstay of eccentric roadside restaurant awesomeness, will be closing its coral doors for the last time on Sunday, October 20. We love this place for its throwback appeal to a time when you just couldn't eat enough meat, carbs and more meat. You even got a place mat to show you what part of the cow you were about to ingest. But the best Hilltop had to offer was it's Texas-sized 50-foot neon cactus sign, letting all passersby on Route 1 know they're in the presence of eccentric roadside dining greatness. So long'll always be prime in our book. Read our earlier post here.

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Mod Betty / said...

We're so bummed about this as well, Gunnar - but thanks for sharing your photos!