Monday, August 20, 2012

The arrows of my ways: the giant arrows of Mancos, Colorado

On our last big trip, we were tooling down the road in southern Colorado toward Mesa Verde National Park when we spotted an eccentric roadside attraction favorite: some really big arrows. They were attached to the Mud Creek Hogan Gift Shop property of Mancos, and while were disappointed the shop was closed, we feasted our eyes on these telephone pole projectiles, all sticking in the ground at the same angle, as if shot by a giant mutant tribe of not-so-friendly Indians from a faraway bluff in New Mexico, or maybe even regular Mexico. Big roadside geegaws like this recall my grandparents' era of road travel, when you needed some big attention-getter to pull folks off the road to buy your trinkets. And these arrows are particularly nice, with tee pees, a fake horse and a poetic stretch of land in the backyard. Do we love this place? And how. Check out some other roadside arrows we've seen here.


Kaitlin said...

I love these! Great photos.

roadsidewonders said...

I think that those were lawn darts left there after the last Muffler Man Family Reunion ... or, you could be right, maybe there even from "regular" Mexico.

Either way, great shots! (get it? get it? see what I did there)

roadsidewonders said...

YIKES! "they're" not "there" ... Dang I hate not being able to go back in time and edit.

Gunnar and Sherry said...

Thanks, Kaitlyn!

Wendy: Well, their you go again. I get your shot joke...take a bow.