Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stuck in traffic: Travel decals picked up along the way

Back in the 60s when I was little and my family took a roadtrip, we commemorated our journey with travel decals proudly displayed on the left rear window of our giant family station wagon. Back then you had to soak the decals off and ever so carefully place them on the inside of the window. My brother and I made this a two-man job; he was the older and more coordinated one so he was the inside glue man, and I was the outside checking for straightness man. We filled that whole window with colorful maps, state birds and gals in bathing suits from the states we visited along the eastern coast. A few years ago I found a shop selling some old-style decals and had to put 'em on the car. These were Baxter-Lane selfsticks, not the Impko soak-ems of my past, but I loved them anyway. I notice they get lots of looks in parking lots and people seem to like them. And it's always easy to find our really "sticks" out, you might say.


Mod Betty / said...

Love vintage impko decals, and others. I'm thinking I might need to doll up the RetroRoadmobile with some! Totally dig that you did that to your ride- way cool!

Gunnar and Sherry said...

Thanks Betty. A decal on the car after a trip is like the cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae.

Amber Von Felts said...

These are super! We have collected a few for our vintage trailer. We have Big Sur, lake Cachuma and Hurst Castle on it! When I first got my old station wagon, there were some deteriorated decals on it too!