Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lovell, Wyoming: They do their Lovell best here

I don't know what tooters are, but they got 'em in Lovell.

We passed through the small town of Lovell, Wyoming on our way west from Mt. Rushmore to Yellowstone in 2002 and had the pleasure of spending the night here because they had a nice Super 8 motel just at the right interval.  The buildings had some great mid-century architecture and signage and  it felt like we were on the back lot of Universal Studios for a "Back to the Future" type movie. This being a Sunday afternoon, not a soul was around, giving the place a surreal Twilight Zone time-warp quality. I love being able to stand in the middle of a town's Main Street and take a picture without a single car approaching. Small western towns like this are wonderful... so different from New England where I'm from. When a business goes out of business in the Northeast, it's not long before it's modernized or torn down and something else takes its place. Out here, old places never seem to die and become museum pieces and roadside attractions for the eccentric roadside fan to gaze and marvel at. What the world need now is Lovell sweet Lovell.


Rick Kilby said...

Is they Hyart a theater?

Gunnar and Sherry said...

Yes, Rick, and apparantly they're still going strong, according to their website. Isn't that great? Check it out!