Sunday, March 15, 2009

Northern Maine's Route 1 Solar System replica: Out of this world!

The Bridegwater, Maine town hall and Uranus.
If you're not impressed, you don't know your elbow from Uranus.


Northern Maine is a beautiful, calm, serene place, and not without its eccentric roadside attractions. On a forty-mile stretch of Route 1 between the University of Maine at Presque Isle and the town of Houlton's information center is a 1:93,000,000 scale, 3-dimensional replica of the solar system, built by the friendly science-minded people of Aroostook County. According to their website, the model serves as an educational resource and tourist attraction. It also draws attention to Northern Maine, The University at Presque Isle, and the Northern Maine Museum of Science located there. All planets except Pluto are visible from the road. Educational information on the planets are found in brochures, available at the information center in Houlton. The small models are mounted on ten-foot high posts viewable by passing cars. I had no idea this wonderful attraction existed when we were cruising along Route 1 in this area a few years ago. As we whizzed by a Saturn-shaped thingy by the roadside, a U-turn was in order and we discovered one of the best eccentric roadside attractions I've ever encountered. How cool would it be live across the street from a replica of Jupiter? And if you think that's something, consider the town hall of Bridegwater, Maine. They've got a lovely view of Uranus. Top that. Check out their website:

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